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Top 200 Credit Union6/12/2019

TruStar Federal Credit Union has been named one of the top 200 credit unions in the nation for superb financial health by  Top 200 LogoA subsidiary of Lending Tree, evaluates the financial health of over 10,000 banks and credit unions each quarter. Each institution is graded on a number of factors including capitalization, deposit growth, and loan to reserve ratios to determine a comprehensive health score.* TruStar has an A+ health rating and placed 186 out of 5,460 credit unions. 

“Being recognized in the Top 200 solidifies our commitment to our members and being financially responsible,” stated CEO and President Dale L. Johnson. “We want our members to feel a sense of security when banking here. Having growth and expanding our organization is important, but we need to make sure that growth is stable and our performance is strong,” continued Johnson.

TruStar Federal Credit Union is headquartered in International Falls and is the 17th largest credit union in the state of Minnesota. It is also the 948th largest credit union in the nation. It was established in 1960 and as of March of 2019, it had grown to 87 employees and 15,996 members.



*Capitalization  A quick, at-a-glance indicator of an institution's financial health is its available capital.  You can figure available capital with a direct calculation of an institution's assets minus its liabilities.  Stronger capital means that more assets are available to cover potential losses. 

Deposit Growth  A strong track record of stable growth is an indicator of consumer confidence and the financial institution's ability to strengthen its balance sheet. 

Texas Ratio  Developed at RBC Capital Markets, the Texas Ratio is an effective way to determine an institution's overall credit position.  It is calculated by comparing the total value of loans considered at risk to how much capital is available to cover those loans.  Any institution with a ratio near or greater than 100% is considered very risky.   

For more information on trustar's A+ rating, see 

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