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TruStar Mastercard® Debit Card

A convenient way to make purchases

Use your TruStar Debit Card anywhere cards are accepted.  Now with EMV technology, you can feel even more secure using our card for everyday purchases.  And since the funds are directly deducted from your checking account there isn't an additional bill you have to pay.  Plus, your Debit Card can be used at ATMs providing the cash you need. Best of all, there's no annual fee!

  • Funds are withdrawn from your checking account
  • Access cash cash fee-free from any Money Pass ATM around the country
  • Track your spending with Online Banking or your monthly statement

*A list no-fee ATMs is available at

Debit Rewards

Earn cash back on everyday purchases

All TruStar Debit Cards are eligible to earn rewards.  After a minimum of 20 purchases per month, you will start earning $.10 per debit card transaction - even online!  For more information, speak with your local Member Service Representative.

Minimum reward is $2.00 and the max is $50.00 per month.  

Customized Debit Cards

Don’t just make a payment – make a statement

Customize your Debit Card with one of our designs or with your own personal photo.  Need your card today?  Not a problem!  Visit any one of our branches and walk out with your new Debit Card.  A convenient feature when security concerns call for issuing a new card.

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