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Credit and Fraud Monitoring

Cyber Scout

A safer identity is just ahead: Let's get started

If you’re not actively monitoring and protecting your identity, then you are at a high risk for becoming a fraud victim. Why? Because identity thieves and criminals have many ways to take advantage of your good name, from identity theft to tax fraud and financial fraud to medical fraud and more. All it takes is a few key pieces of your data. So how can you protect yourself?

Sign up for fraud monitoring services today.

Enroll in Fraud Scout ID Monitoring Services

FraudScout® is a comprehensive identity protection and management service from an industry-leading provider.  For $8.95 a month, you receive:

  • Daily monitoring of all 3 credit bureau files
  • Annual credit report from all 3 bureaus  
  • Annual credit score from all 3 bureaus 
  • Social Security Trace Report and monthly email updates
  • Change of Address Report and email alerts
  • Initial Court Records Report and email alerts if changes occur
  • Payday Loan activity monitoring
  • CyberAgent - daily monitoring of chat rooms and websites where personally identifiable information can be sold
  • Sex Offender Report and monthly monitoring - alerts if any new offenders are reported in the neighborhood

Don’t wait until you’re a victim before getting the coverage you need. Protect your personal information by enrolling today!

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