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CyberScout ID Protection

The Keys to Your Identity Are Everywhere: Make Sure You’re Protected.

Fraud monitoring and identity management services from the industry leader. 

Protecting you from the growing threat of identity theft is TruStar's top concern. This crime claims more than 15 million victims a year, and is showing no signs of a slowdown.

That’s why we’re pleased to introduce a comprehensive identity management solution powered by CyberScout, the nation’s premier provider of identity management services, in order to safeguard your identity around the clock—at no added cost to you, our member.

Take advantage of these premier services for protection at every stage of life, whether you’re going to college, moving, getting married or divorced, or looking to protect children and elderly in your family. Your identity is a valuable commodity for thieves, and you’d be surprised at how often it is at risk.

It’s easy to use. For immediate identity protection assistance, call us at 844-858-9576 to be connected to a fraud specialist. For more tips and information, visit our Knowledge Center.

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