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Business Services

When running your own business, it is vital to have trusted partners working with you. From checking and savings accounts that make managing your finances a breeze to business loans and lines of credit, we are here to help you reach your business goals.

An employee photo of Jared P.

Jared Pink
Vice President
800.887.0220 ext. 1606

An employee photo of Talaine Olafson

Talaine Olafson
Vice President
800.887.0220 ext. 1402

An employee photo of Cory Grosche

Cory Grosche
Business Services Officer
800.887.0220 ext. 1424

An employee photo of Ginnie Petersen

Ginnie Petersen
Business Services Officer & 
Branch Manager
800.887.0220 ext. 1301

An employee photo of Ryan Tomevi
Ryan Tomevi
Business Services Officer
800.887.0220 ext. 1114

An employee photo of Aleisha Taylor

Aleisha Taylor
VP of Business Services
800.887.0220 ext. 1103