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Enrich Financial Education

Insight and advice along your journey will help lead to smart decisions about using your money. This is why TruStar has partnered with Enrich to offer tools and resources allowing you to achieve your financial goals.

Enrich is your one-stop destination for all personal finance questions from budgeting, banking, insurance, investing, debt management, and more!

Personalize Content

Everyone is different! Answer a few quick questions and build a personalized action plan to enhance your money management, career, and student loan skills.

Community Forum

Ask the Enrich community any money question for straight-talk answers from folks who have been in your shoes. Get answers from experts, too!

Calculators & Worksheets

The heavy lifting is already done for you! With our calculators and downloadable worksheets to help with your budget, mortgage, and student loans, Enrich works to make understanding where you are, and where you want to be, easy and approachable.


Explore Enrich's courses and learn the fundamentals of money management to continue building a strong foundation for your financial future.
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