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Fraud Prevention

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The Keys to Your Identity Are Everywhere: Stay Protected.

Protecting you from the growing threat of identity theft is one of TruStar's top concerns. This crime claims more than 15 million victims a year and is showing no signs of a slowdown.

That’s why we’re pleased to offer a comprehensive identity management solution powered by CyberScout, the nation’s premier provider of identity management services, in order to safeguard your identity around the clock—at no added cost to you, our member.

Take advantage of these premier services for protection at every stage of life, whether you’re going to college, moving, getting married or divorced, or looking to protect children and elderly in your family. Your identity is a valuable commodity for thieves, and you’d be surprised at how often it is at risk.

It’s easy to use. For immediate identity protection assistance, call us at 844-858-9576 to be connected to a fraud specialist. For more tips and information, visit our Knowledge Center

Credit and Fraud Monitoring

If you’re not actively monitoring and protecting your identity, then you are at a high risk for becoming a fraud victim. Why? Because identity thieves and criminals have many ways to take advantage of your good name, from identity theft to tax fraud and financial fraud to medical fraud and more.  All it takes is a few key pieces of your data.

FraudScout® is a comprehensive identity protection and management service from an industry-leading provider. For $8.95 a month, you receive:
  • Daily monitoring of all 3 credit bureau files
  • Annual credit report from all 3 bureaus
  • Annual credit score from all 3 bureaus
  • Social Security Trace Report and monthly email updates
  • Change of Address Report and email alerts
  • Initial Court Records Report and email alerts if changes occur
  • Payday Loan activity monitoring
  • CyberAgent - daily monitoring of chat rooms and websites where personally identifiable information can be sold
  • Sex Offender Report and monthly monitoring - alerts if any new offenders are reported in the neighborhood
Don’t wait until you’re a victim before getting the coverage you need. Protect your personal information by enrolling today

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Debit card management at your fingertips.