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Commercial Real Estate

Whenever your business is looking to acquire land or buildings, refinance an existing office location, or expand your business operations TruStar can provide a real estate loan that will push your project toward the finish line. Plus, you have the benefit of receiving local loan decisions, which means a quick response to your loan requests.
It’s all about location, location, location. When you find the perfect spot to run your business, see TruStar.

  • Competitive rates
  • A variety of term options to meet your specific needs
When you’re searching for flexible financing for larger expenditures. Easily access funds for a variety of business necessities including buying equipment, funding special projects and maintaining an even cash flow.

  • Secured by real estate
  • Draw only what you need and pay interest on only what you use
  • Terms up to 30 months
Build the perfect building for your business

  • Up to a 1 year term
  • Interest only payments
  • Ability to delay the repayment of principal and interest for up to a year until construction is completed
To apply, please complete a personal financial statement and make an appointment with our Business Services Department.